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The communities included are:

Chippewa County: Sault Saint Marie.
Dickinson County: Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Loretto, Norway, Vulcan.
Gogebic County: Bessemer, Ironwood, Wakefield.
Keweenaw County: Mohawk.
Houghton County: Baltic, Calumet, Franklin Mine, Hancock, South Range.
Iron County, Michigan: Caspian, Crystal Falls, Iron River, Virgil.
Mackinac County: Cedarville-Hessel.
Marquette County: Gwinn, Ishpeming, Marquette, Negaunee.
Menominee County: Hermansville.
Iron County, Wisconsin: Hurley, Kimball.
Ontario: Sault Saint Marie.

Monsignor David Spelgatti encouraged and aided the project over a period of twenty years. The catalyst who got the project started in 1982 was Greta Swenson, formerly of Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. Many of the interviews were conducted by Donna Anderson, Mary Adams Bone, Rick Filizetti, Pete Frecchio, Flora Fregerio, John Ghiardi, Bev Gschwind, Diane Kordich, Greg Nienwendorp, Adele Perugini, Greg Rose, Myron Re, Christine Sericati, Greta Swenson, Robert Varda, and Alycee Westphal. Besides the interviewers and interviewees, many unnamed people also helped by providing basic information on who to interview within a specific community. They are remembered and thanked as well.

Dr. Magnaghi donated the original tapes to the Northern Michigan University Archives. Two additional copies have been made to facilitate their use among researchers. They are available at the Michigan Collection in the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and at the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

In order to facilitate the use of this collection of tapes, Dr. Magnaghi had a catalogue of the tapes in question prepared. It has been reproduced below. Magnaghi, Mr. Ted Bays, and Mr. Jim Seelye edited the catalogue.

The catalogue provides general information about what is available for each interview, such as a transcript of it if available. Magnaghi and Bays had an index prepared of some of the subjects and places discussed in some of the interviews on tape, but not for all of them.

Dr. Magnaghi published a book based on the interviews on tape in this collection and on summaries of interviews not on tape. This book is entitled, Miners, Merchants, and Midwives: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Italians (1987).

play buttonAlfonso, Anne S.
play buttonAndriacchi, Bruno and Tony
play buttonArsenault, Remega
play buttonBallario, Angeline
play buttonBarbire, Mary
play buttonBarsotti, Ercole
play buttonBertoldi, John
play buttonBianchi, Maffeo 1985
play buttonBianchi, Maffeo 1991
play buttonBoggio, Charles and Lucy
play buttonBono, John
play buttonBono, Victoria
play buttonBonslett, Carmen
play buttonBracco, Anton
play buttonBrosio, Henry
play buttonBrunello, Tony
play buttonCaliaro, Carlo and Mary
play buttonCappo, Giovanna
play buttonCappo, Rev. Louis
play buttonCentanino, Dominic "Doc"
play buttonChetto, Sam
play buttonComensoli, Joseph
play buttonContratto, Paul
play buttonCrispigna, Tomati
play buttonDani, Flossie
play buttonDeFant, Michael
play buttonDeMarin, Angeline
play buttonDeMuri, Gildo
play buttonDePaul, Joe
play buttonDevine, Janet Barasa
play buttonDozzi, Felix and Laura
play buttonDupras, Margherita
play buttonFera, Carlo
play buttonFeruggi, Amerigo
play buttonFleury, Irma
play buttonGasbarro, Alfred
play buttonGedda, John
play buttonGiorgetti, Filomena
play buttonGrego, Frank
play buttonJohnson, Rose
play buttonKutchi, Clara
play buttonLerza, Louis
play buttonLibertoski, Clara and Bonacci, Carmine
play buttonLombardi, Louis
play buttonLonghini, Dominic
play buttonLucchesi, Giradi, Lorenzetti, and Marcheschi
play buttonMagnaghi, Russell
play buttonMancuso, Frank
play buttonMarta, John 05-21-1982
play buttonMarta, John 05-29-1982
play buttonMarta, Maria
play buttonMasini, Assunta
play buttonMirabelli, Sante
play buttonO'Neil, Katherine
play buttonPerugini, Enis and Adele
play buttonPeruzzi,Lydia
play buttonPianosi, Leno
play buttonPoglese, Joseph and Congetti
play buttonPretto, Ernest
play buttonRaffaele, Carmena
play buttonRastello, John
play buttonRichetta, Tony
play buttonRovano, James
play buttonSerena, Katherine
play buttonSimondi, George
play buttonSpelgatti, David 1980
play buttonSpelgatti, David 1985
play buttonSpelgatti, David 1993 part 1
play buttonSpelgatti, David 1993 part 2
play buttonSt. Juliana, Armenia
play buttonStabile, John
play buttonTaccolini, Frank
play buttonTomasi, Emil
play buttonValela, Frank
play buttonValesano, Amelia
play buttonValesano, Charles
play buttonVarda, Peter
play buttonVarda, Violet
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