Distinguished Faculty Award, 1988

Over a career spanning twenty-two years, Roberta Henderson created lasting friendships and meaningful work relationships with everyone she encountered.  Diane Goethe, Senior Library Assistant, shared her experience working with Bobbie.

"She hired me for a position in the library in 1982.  The position was the Reference Secretary and she was my supervisor.  We've kept in contact ever since then.  Bobbie's work ethic, relationships with students and other library faculty were great!  She was always willing to help people and handled herself in a very professional manner.  She is the most caring, understanding, compassionate person that anyone would ever want to work with, and work for.  She is a wonderful friend too.   Others were quick to comment on Roberta’s personal character."

 Carolyn Meyers, who also worked with Roberta, stated:

"She was my teacher for the Library Science minor, beginning in 1972. She is a truly remarkable teacher, always challenging, always fun.  I also worked for her as a student assistant at the reference desk until 1976. She remained close to all her students who were working as teacher-librarians in the elementary, middle, and high-school libraries of the central U.P.  I remember that in 1978 she invited all the school librarians to meet monthly at her house to discuss new materials for children and young adults."
These monthly meetings continue today as the Roberta Henderson Alumni Association and include both current and former librarians.   


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